How To Start Where You Are With What You Have

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Are you feeling frustrated or angry at where your life is right now? Are you ready for change? But you’re asking yourself, where do I start? How? What do I do? Stay tuned.

Is there anything more frustrating than being completely frustrated and upset with the state your life is in, then realizing you need to make a change, but not knowing where you even start or how you even start. This video, we’re going to focus on the where, the when, the how, and the mindset that you’ll need in order to shift your life into a better position.

So here’s the thing. Change is usually predicated by pain, frustration, disappointment. That’s just the nature of what is the impetus that pushes most of us to shift and pivot our lives into a better position. So change always starts now. And what we’re going to talk about today is how to start where you are with what you have, because what you have is all you need.

So here’s the thing. I’m a big believer that we all have everything we need in order to complete or live what we’ve been purposed here to be on this planet. Now, this is not a religious thing. It is probably a little bit more spiritual, but I really do believe that. I have two kids and quick story. My first child, my son, when he came out, when he was born… Came out, oh my goodness. When he was born, my complete belief of parenting shifted because when he was born, his eyes were wide open. He did not cry. And when I looked into his eyes, I saw an entire person. An entire person with personality, quirks, impediments, advancements, all of that. It was already all there in him. He looked at me dead in my eye, almost recognizing me is what it felt like, but there was so much life in such a story being told in those eyes.

And it’s emitted for me something I learned a long time ago that we are born with everything we need. And those things that we are born with essentially are there like little seedlings. And those seedlings are developed through our experiences. Those experiences develop our strengths and our weaknesses, and they culminate to who we are here today. So what am I getting at? Yes, you have everything that You need. But right now it’s probably buried under a lot of frustration and a lot of anger and a lot of disappointment. Right? I know because I’ve been there. I probably could have been a case study for what can go wrong will go wrong. A worst case scenario. Hello, that’s my second name.

I have lived all of that. And there were three books that to this day, I still refer back to because it helps me stay in from a problem oriented mindset to a solution oriented mindset. And I want to share those with you because I think that they are the beginning of how you’re going to shift things into your favor. So the first book I’m going to recommend is by a woman named Marilee Adams, and it’s called change your questions, change your life. And this book was something and is something that the principles of the book, I use til this day. Okay. I, as I mentioned before, it could be a poster child for worst case scenario or the bottom falling out and everything going bad. And this book helped me really start looking at my life at a whole different perspective.

And while I don’t want to go through and spoil the whole book, to give you an overarching idea of the concept, the book really teaches you how to look at your problems and ask the right questions to find solutions. And so the wrong questions tend to be ones that make you feel bad about yourself. That make you feel limited in your options. The ones that make you feel closed in, like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The right questions open up the possibilities. They are solutions oriented. They make you think about other questions, which are good. They kind of take you down a path to where you can really look at what your problem is and ask the right questions to figure out how to solve them. So I highly recommend the book because it has been such a life changer for me. And it is how I tackle problems these days. I’ll be honest. I always start with the concepts that I learned in that book.

So the next book I highly recommend, and a lot of you probably going to be familiar with this one is the E-Myth Revisited. And it goes through why a lot of small businesses fail. And as a serial entrepreneur, I know intimately how hard it is to start and run a business. And I had to learn so much, but this book has a lot of proven concepts that honestly affect us all. Whether you are looking to open a business or start a little side hustle, it doesn’t matter. Matter once you understand this portion of what it takes to run a business and where most of us go wrong, it’s going to help you filtering out through the future how you move down this path. So the E-Myth Revisited is a phenomenal book and it is one of my top three recommendations.

If part of your problem is financial and there’s not enough money coming in, then you probably like me have learned that you need to make some more money. And if you were raised like me, I’m from the south side of Chicago And I grew up just working class family. Then you were taught to work harder, to get a second job, to get a third job, if you need to, whatever it takes. And what I have found as a flaw in that thinking is if you don’t have a high earning job, you will work yourself to death. And part of what I’ll be doing on this channel is showing you how to leverage your time better so that you’re not just focused on working hourly. The E-Myth I think is critical, especially for those who have never run a business because we all make similar mistakes. And a lot of them can be avoided. Some of it’s just experience, but the E-Myth will give you kind of a high level overview of what happens and why businesses break down. And why by year five, half of businesses have failed and help you start on the right path. And I want you to get your mindset on the right path so that you can start making and leveling up your life the way you want to.

Now, let’s hit the book three. So this next book will probably surprise you, but I think it’s very important and it has created a huge shift in my own life. So I would be remiss not to share it. And that book is Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. Now, I’ll be honest guys. When I first learned of this book, I didn’t like the title and I didn’t plan on reading it. It actually ended up being a suggestion and a book reading club that I’m in. And so I thought, oh, now I got to buy the book because I’m in the book club, but now I could not thank the person who recommended this book enough. I am a recovering people pleaser. And if you are, then you already know how that disease to please will have you doing things even to your detriment that are not in your favor in any way and how you’ll never reach where you’re trying to go with the disease to please riding your back.

And I really had to learn how to adjust to the world as it is and Never Split the Difference has allowed me to level up on many ways. And I think that it can really help you as well. This book talks not only about the mindset of most people and how most people are risk adverse. It also gives a number of strategies that you can use when negotiating any number of things. Now, he does tell some interesting stories and that sort of thing. But for me, when I read it the first time it blew my world open because I knew nothing of negotiation and I probably was the worst negotiator ever, and probably more of a pushover. And after this book, I love negotiation. I love for someone to push back. I’m ready for it. There is another meet when it comes to negotiating and I credit it to that book. So Never Split the Difference is my third book recommendation.

They say there are two good times to plant a tree, 20 years ago and right now. And that’s the same for when you’re wanting to change your life. The time is always right now. So I want to end on this point. There is someone out there that wants your problems. Yeah. There’s somebody out there that’s wishing that your problems were their only problems because they could take your problems and win. And if this video has taught you anything, it has taught you that what would be the right question to ask yourself in this very moment.

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