Tenacity is the ability to persist through any obstacle.

Tenacity with Ivory Tenee

Here I help aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skillsets necessary to create a thriving business. 

A Tenacious Spirit

An aspiring entrepreneur’s guide to mindset, process, and the execution of your ideas.


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"And as we let our own light shine we give others permission to do the same..."

Marriane Williamson

Topics I Discuss



What motivation is and is not. And why it’s important to know the difference.



What a vision accomplishes and how you can leverage that to design the life you always dreamed of.



What a strategy should do and where things go wrong. 



What leadership is and what you need to become one.


Self Improvement

Why a leader must be their own toughest critic. And how investing in yourself is the same as investing in your team.



What marketing is and how to leverage it in service or product based businesses. Myths that are keeping your business from growing.



The difference between arrogance and confidence. How to exude confidence without saying it.


Business 101

Everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business. And what pitfalls to avoid.

About Me

I’m Ivory Tenee.
I Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Start & Scale Their Business.

As a 14 year serial entrepreneur who made $20k within 3 months of her very first business. I have been written about in the Chicago Sun Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, ABC News, & various other publications. My book the Stress-less Wedding Planning Guide climbed to #1 on Amazon charts. I now run a digital marketing firm, ecommerce store & Youtube channel called Tenacity with Ivory Tenee where the motto is to unlearn wrong teachings, discern the truth, and discover ways to earn more, smartly.  In the past I have completed speaking tours with the Black Wallstreet Group where we spoke to high schoolers across the South about the advantages of entrepreneurship. I have managed all these accomplishments amidst the challenges of losing a parent, losing everything in a freak fire, being homeless, and battling depression. Now a married mom of 2 feisty toddlers my mission is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to develop a tenacious spirit and pursue their dreams.

What got you here, won't get you there.